Supreme Beings

Work created for small business Southside Kitten in 2020, and a very popular design.

Egypt Blaque Knyle

Commissioned artwork for Egypt Blaque Knyle, holder of the most titles in burlesque. This artwork was commissioned for commercial use.

Missy Malone

Commissioned artwork for commercial use for Missy Malone, 2020.

Artwork celebrating the Latinx Performers in the Burlesque Top 50 2021

Burlesque Latinx

Commercial Commission for Lola Coquette of Burlesque Latinx, celebrating the seven Latinx performers who were voted into the 21st Century Burlesque Top 50 2021

London performer Chastity Belt is illustrated wearing a leopard print dress, golden ball gown and ornate crown. They are singing into a microphone in front of a red stage curtain

Chastity Belt

Commercial Commission for London cabaret host Chastity Belt, 2021.

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