Terms and Conditions

By paying the full amount for your commission upfront, you are entering into an agreement with Hannah Rose t/a Pillow Talk Pin Ups whereby you agree to be bound by these terms. If a payment plan has been set up, you agree to not withhold payment for any reason once your custom artwork is complete and a final preview has been sent. Pillow Talk Pin Ups reserves the rights to all artwork until full payment is received. Artwork will not progress beyond an initial sketch unless full payment has been received, either upfront or via a payment plan. These terms apply whether you have paid through our website or via a PayPal invoice. It is your responsibility to check these terms and conditions before commissioning custom work or ordering from us.

All artwork is digital and sent via WeTransfer or other electronic means. When purchasing a custom piece from Pillow Talk Pin Ups, you understand that you are not paying for a physical print. We will endeavour to ensure that your artwork reaches you digitally, and will exhaust every possible avenue available to us for this purpose. Pillow Talk Pin Ups are not liable for any failure of technology/web service that means you are unable to download your artwork. In these exceptional circumstances we will arrange an alternative means for you to receive your artwork (eg. on a digital drive via post) and the client will pay postage.

‘Commercial use’ means the usage of the artwork created by Pillow Talk Pin Ups by the client on items or as a standalone product to generate profit. This includes but is not limited to posters and logos. By agreeing to purchase artwork for commercial use for £250 GBP, you are purchasing full commercial rights to that artwork for reproduction for an unlimited profit. ‘Personal Use’ means the usage of artwork solely for personal enjoyment, eg. for decorative purposes in your home or sharing on social media, and not with the intent to make money from the artwork either directly or indirectly. If you are found to have used artwork purchased on the ‘Personal Use’ premise for commercial purposes, Pillow Talk Pin Ups reserves the right to payment of the extra £125 GBP.  The 'commercial use' rate specified here applies to private individuals and small businesses only, commercial projects for famous public figures and large companies are priced dependent on requirements of the project.

Any reference photos will be kept until your commission is complete, at which point they will be deleted from our devices and corresponding cloud storage. If payment is withheld for three months or more, we will assume you are not intending to pay us and therefore will delete your artwork from our devices and cloud storage.

Commission payments are non- refundable, so please be sure you want a commission before sending payment. 

Any changes that follow the sending of files will be considered an alternate version of your artwork and charged at £50 GBP per new set of files sent.

All base prices quoted are based on the depiction of one pin up in full colour and a background. Additional pin ups in the same artwork will incur a charge of £65 GBP per pin up.

Pillow Talk Pin Ups reserves the right to refuse any commission that depicts graphic violence, explicit pornography, homophobia, fatphobia, transphobia or racist themes (including cultural appropriation or any other discriminatory subject matter).

These terms may be subject to change at any point without prior notice. If this occurs and an agreement stands between you and Pillow Talk Pin Ups, we will endeavour to notify you of any changes.

Updated: 28th July 2023